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    1. Automatic desktop focusing machine hl-910f


      內容詳情/Details of the content

      Automatic desktop focusing machine hl-910f
      Dimensions: 540 * 500 * 1000mm weight: about 85kg
      Power supply: AC220 V, 50 Hz
      Power: 0.3kw
      Air pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa
      Control mode: computer + touch screen + PLC
      Single product completion time: 8-14 seconds (including focusing, dispensing and curing)
      The device integrates automatic focusing, dispensing and UV violet light curing. The device is designed as a 3-position rotating mode. The lens is clamped in the fixed base for rotary focusing. The self-developed focusing system can accurately measure and calculate, find the best clear point of the camera as the focusing benchmark. The system compares and determines the product as OK or ng, OK according to the set parameters The product enters the dispensing and curing system automatically, while ng product does not carry out dispensing and curing, and the discharging station automatically alarms. The equipment is strong in applicability, in order to subvert the traditional focusing principle, the imported CCD is used to directly read the pixels on the chip through the point light source, and automatically measure and calculate an optimal clear point as the focusing reference. Then, different depth of field data compensation is carried out according to the depth of field required by different camera products, so as to solve the problem of clear center point and fuzzy edge often occurred in manual focusing. On completion of a single product
      In 8-14 seconds, according to the length of the lens (focus) to determine the time. Three function integrated machine uses industrial control computer, PLC + touch screen operation, easy to learn! The software has complete functions and occupies a small space.
      Applicable products: security camera, car rear view camera, tachograph and other products with thread