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    1. Top 10 brands of suction nozzle cleaning machine in China in 2018

      Mouth cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning equipment which can replace the traditional cleaning of suction nozzle with steel needle or ultrasonic vibration. Can be in a short period of time can not be removed before the suction nozzle dirt removed. And in the cleaning process will not damage the nozzle, because the use of non-toxic harmless cleaning fluid, the whole process is more environmentally friendly.
      Automatic nozzle cleaning system. With the development of SMT, the miniaturization of components and high density mounting become the trend. Subsequently, the suction nozzle of SMT Mounter is more precise, which has a greater impact on the mounting quality. In the actual mounting process, because the suction nozzle is contaminated with solder, flux or other dirt, the suction nozzle is blocked, which is easy to cause throwing material. Earlier, we can not solve the problem by steel needle poking or ultrasonic vibration.
      In view of this situation, the developed suction nozzle cleaning machine adopts a new cleaning method, which can remove the dirt on the suction nozzle which cannot be removed before in a short time. And the nozzle will not be damaged during cleaning. As the use of non-toxic and harmless cleaning fluid, the whole process is more environmentally friendly.
      As a professional equipment development and manufacturer, the company has been adhering to the concept of quality first to provide customers with more and better equipment and more professional services.