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    1. Looking at the development prospect of automation dialectically

      How to improve the automation level of production equipment in manufacturing industry is a topic we have been studying deeply. Now, the technology and application of Chi speed automatic locking screw machine is relatively mature. Continuous innovation is the basis of our leading peers, and it is the responsibility of Chi speed to help enterprises improve the level of production automation. The application of automation technology is to solve the problem of labor shortage, wage rise and other production costs, and improve product quality and production efficiency, and then enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises.
      The development and use of production automation technology has a long history. In recent years, due to the changes of economic situation and environment at home and abroad, labor shortage, wage rise and industrial structure change, more manufacturing industries adopt automation technology, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, forming capital intensive and technology intensive. Automation technology is bound to become an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises.
      The application of automation technology has become an important development strategy to improve the labor-intensive industrial structure, improve the industrial competitiveness and promote the upgrading of manufacturing industry.