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    1. Development trend of industrial production automation

      European countries attach great importance to the research and development of high-tech, mainly because the labor cost of European countries is very high, the higher the degree of production automation, the more cost savings. At present, the main reasons for many foreign-funded enterprises to invest in China are the low labor cost and consumption demand in the mainland. With the continuous development of science and technology, production has reached the level of full automation, some multinational enterprises' production departments will return, because there is no need for manual operation, the domestic backward production mode will be eliminated, which means that the assembly manufacturing industry will face a serious reshuffle.
      In the future, there will be such a scene: first, the robot will put the aluminum block on the automatic processing machine, through a series of complex operations such as cutting and drilling, and finally process it into a precision chassis; then the robot will put the processed chassis on the assembly line, and then a series of small, high-precision, high-speed robots will insert various components into the chassis, and then These components are fixed with adhesives, solder and fasteners such as automatic screw locking machine, and then the display screen and protective glass are installed, and sealing kits are added. Finally, the robot will pack and pack the product for shipping.