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    1. The decline of labor force promotes the automation equipment industry

      According to the latest national data, China's labor force in 2012 decreased by 345w compared with last year. Although this data can't cause any obvious impact compared with the huge base number, it is the first decline in China's labor force at this stage, indicating that the role of the national population policy has begun to affect economic growth. And this number will continue to decrease every year or even every day.
      This is obviously in contradiction with China's economic growth mode at this stage. At present, the number of labor force is the biggest advantage of China's rapid economic growth. The country also pays more attention to this problem. In order to ensure a good economic growth, we must improve the labor productivity per unit time. There are many ways to improve labor productivity. It is relatively simple to improve proficiency through training However, in the long run, this method is obviously a temporary and unscientific method, which is equivalent to increasing the labor intensity. Moreover, the labor population is constantly decreasing, and there is a limit to the degree of proficiency.
      We must use scientific methods to solve this problem. We must speed up the economic transformation and strengthen the automation production. The impact of reducing the number of labor on the development of enterprises, especially the manufacturing industry, which is a labor intensive industry, should take a long-term view and solve this problem through scientific methods.
      This data is hardly good news. However, we should understand the principle of perseverance. In short, if there is no shortage of labor, the state and enterprises will not attach importance to the advantages of automation equipment. It is precisely because of the gradual weakening of our advantage of a large population base that the country has to intensify its efforts in economic transformation.
      Therefore, this news is beneficial to enterprises, the country and our automation equipment industry, but there is a transitional period. We choose automatic locking screw machine industry is a great prospect.