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    1. Haolin automatic camera module assembly machine upgrade

      Haolin automatic camera module assembly machine upgrade
      This year, our technicians are testing and evaluating the full-automatic camera module assembly machine step by step, and have a deep understanding of the functions of the equipment from various manufacturers. According to the needs of the manufacturers, "fill in the gaps and fill in the gaps", and improve and upgrade the function and appearance more humanized. Now the equipment is renamed as: automatic camera module assembly machine model: hl-908f
      The following is the description of the equipment:
      1、 Basic parameters
      About length * width 380cm * 420cm
      Suitable for dust-free workshop
      Lens detection and screening function, cleaning and testing sensor (atomization, cleaning, drying) resistance oil, lens and IR-cut assembly, PCB board automatic assembly lock screw, connecting hl-758ff for focusing, dispensing and curing.
      About 600kg
      Electricity source
      Work rate
      Air pressure
      6MPa - 8MPa
      Completion time
      About 8-14 seconds
      It depends on different products
      External upgrade / connection mode
      It is necessary to connect the auto focusing machine hl-758ff of our company into an integrated machine / production line
      Configuration of industrial computer and touch screen
      Industrial personal computer (2 sets), touch screen (3 sets)
      Station related devices
      1. CCD detection device (lens detection, sensor detection) 2. Automatic atomization device 3. Automatic dust cleaning device 4. Automatic drying device 5. Automatic adding resistance oil device 6. Automatic suit device 7. Automatic screw machine device 8. Automatic transmission device 9. Automatic feeding device 10. FFU device (2 sets inside the equipment cabinet)
      2、 Functional features
      1. It has the function of lens detection and screening to eliminate the production line of bad lens
      2. Lens and IR-cut automatic suit and screening function, automatically add resistance oil, and can set the number of turns, detect torque value, save time for rear focus, reduce the occurrence of defective rate.
      3. It has the function of sensor automatic cleaning (atomization, cleaning and drying) detection and automatic screening
      4. It has the function of locking screws automatically.
      5. It can save a lot of time and complete a product in about 14 seconds on average
      6. It adopts customized professional CCD imported from Germany, with high-definition detection and judgment, and has fast working speed
      7. PLC controller control, touch screen operation, industrial PC single chip microcomputer, simple operation, stable and reliable.
      8. Using artificial intelligence manipulator, each step of the program can be seamless docking, and realize real automation. Only two people are needed to discharge and monitor, which can replace the whole traditional assembly line
      9. Strong applicability, can be applied to all camera products
      10. This equipment can be used in series with hl-758ff automatic focusing machine produced by our factory. It is a necessary equipment for you to realize automatic production in unmanned workshop.