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    1. Application site of intelligent video analysis camera

      Guide: intelligent video analysis camera technology is more and more mature, it is widely used in various industries, such as intrusion detection, pedestrian and vehicle flow detection, portrait recognition, license plate recognition, legacy detection and abnormal behavior detection.
      As the technology of intelligent video analysis camera becomes more and more mature, it will be applied to more industries, and the application scenarios are more extensive than before. Today, we will introduce the intelligent video analysis camera in which places are widely used.
      1. Intrusion detection
      Intrusion detection is a function of the front-end products to intelligently identify the intrusion behavior of people or objects and alarm the potential dangerous behaviors. When people or objects enter the designated area or video area, the smart camera will automatically identify the moving objects in the video area, and track and alarm the identified targets.
      2. Pedestrian and vehicle flow detection
      Pedestrian and vehicle flow detection is a function of intelligent identification, analysis and statistics of passing pedestrians and vehicles. When people or vehicles pass or enter the designated boundary and area, automatic identification, automatic recording and automatic statistics will be triggered; or when the number of people and vehicles reaches the set value, the alarm will be triggered. People and vehicles flow detection and statistics, for transportation, tourism, customs, commerce, entertainment, sports and other fields have a special significance, the statistical results may directly affect the government's decision-making, reasonable layout, rational use of resources to provide a scientific basis.
      3. Portrait recognition
      The image recognition and comparison system can realize the functions of face capture, positioning, tracking, track recording, collection, comparison, etc., and can identify the identity of different personnel, and timely send alarm information to the management department and personnel. It plays an irreplaceable role in public security prevention, fugitive pursuit, financial security and other fields. Human image recognition is the basis of intelligent video analysis. The real significance of intelligent video analysis lies in the collection and recognition of face images, and then retrieval, comparison and identification from "big data". Intelligent video analysis camera can carry out intelligent "data" retrieval, matching and network alarm according to the collected images.
      4. License plate recognition
      License plate recognition plays an important role in intelligent transportation, parking management, traffic law enforcement and highway supervision.
      The above is about the intelligent video analysis camera application site related introduction. In fact, with the development of intelligent video analysis camera technology, it will be more widely used and more detailed.