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    1. The problems of manufacturing automation in China

      At present, China's manufacturing industry is in an important transition period. It is necessary to improve the level of automation utilization and reduce human and labor cost resources in order to keep up with the development trend of manufacturing industry. At present, the problems of manufacturing automation in China are as follows:
      1. Automation equipment cannot be localized
      In terms of automation development, the reason that restricts the acceleration of China's automation process is that most of the automation equipment in our country can not be completely domestic, and the price of automation products in the market, whether domestic or foreign, is relatively high for general enterprises. The initial investment cost in the process of transformation is relatively high, which does not add its maintenance costs. It will take years to see the actual benefits. Therefore, in order to get the development of industrial automation in China, it is necessary to make breakthroughs in relevant technical products of domestic relevant automation equipment manufacturers.
      2. Less intelligent automation equipment
      Now there is another development direction of society on the basis of automation, that is, intelligence. More and more products are developing towards intelligence. In industrial production, after the development of automation to the extreme, it is necessary to break through the barrier of automation to intelligent development, so in the whole production process, the final role of human beings is to carry out routine maintenance and debugging of relevant intelligent equipment, which will greatly reduce the production cost. Of course, at present, although there is a trend of industrial intelligence, it is still a long way to go due to the technical maturity and related cost reasons.
      In the development process of foreign manufacturing industry, industrial automation plays an important role in its production. The ratio of industrial robots per unit is far higher than the international standard of 55, but the application of domestic manufacturing automation is far behind this standard, the value is only 22. Although it is affected by the large number of manufacturing employees in China, it can not be denied that the domestic manufacturing industry has a large number of industrial robots The percentage of automation applications is really very small. Therefore, China still has a long way to go in the road of industrial automation.
      What we have to do is to develop automation, at the same time to ensure that the research on intelligence also needs to invest a lot of energy. Our country has been several steps behind the developed countries in the road of automation. In the development of intelligence, we should grasp this trend, make preparation in advance and research and development in advance. Otherwise, if we wait for other developed countries to put industrial intelligence into use on a large scale, we will lose the first opportunity and we can only catch up with others step by step.