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    1. What factors affect the selection of manufacturing automation equipment suppliers

      Due to the gradual improvement of product yield and production technology requirements in international and domestic markets, China's industrial manufacturing industry also ushered in the wave of automation transformation. First of all, we do not need to catch up with the level of use of developed countries, it is good to reach the international standard in advance. The market of automation equipment here alone is very large. In addition, there are plans for the development of non-standard manufacturing equipment.
      Over the past decade, China's industrial output has grown at a compound annual rate of 14. The growth rate of 5% is increasing, and the demand for automatic production in the whole country is becoming more and more urgent. There is an obvious trend in the 12th Five Year Plan. The State encourages the selection of products from local suppliers instead of relying heavily on imports. At present, there are only 22 robots produced per 10000 people in China, which is far lower than the international average level of 55 robots. At the same time, it also lags behind some other economic powers with developed manufacturing industry.
      The reasons that affect the selection of manufacturing automation equipment suppliers include: cost, application, region and professional knowledge. In some cases, political orientation can also have an impact. For example, Chinese users may not be willing to consider Japanese suppliers because of the dispute between the two governments over the Diaoyu Islands; it should be noted that a considerable amount of production equipment construction depends on the investment of the Chinese government.
      Manufacturing automation equipment benefits from the transformation of industrial manufacturing industry. China's manufacturing industry automation equipment market demand is very strong, automation equipment manufacturers at home and abroad are ushered in a big market opportunity.
      The agency estimates that the compound annual growth rate of manufacturing automation equipment output in Asia (excluding Japan) will be 9. 6%, the highest in the world; China's contribution to this should not be ignored. It should be noted that this compound annual growth rate is likely to increase further, as many factors will have a significant impact on it.