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    1. Security and video surveillance market in China

      In 2003, "safe city" appeared in front of the public for the first time, and security construction has been paid attention to by various cities. Therefore, HCR (Huichen information) has conducted an overall understanding and Analysis on China's security and video monitoring market. From 2006 to 2010, China's security and monitoring market entered the stage of growth and development. During this period, a number of major incidents occurred, including the Olympic Games, the World Expo, coal mines, railways and other major safety accidents. The demand for safety monitoring of international events and the warning of major accidents have improved the national security awareness and security construction level from two aspects. After 2010, in addition to the public safety related policies, the national laws and policies have also included the contents related to the construction of intelligent buildings and the Internet of things, and successively approved the "smart city" pilot cities, so that the security market can continue to develop.
      1、 Security and video surveillance market development
      1. Development of China's security market
      The market scale of security industry in 2012 increased by 17.8% compared with that in 2011. Due to the increase of industry scale and the decline of fixed asset investment, the growth rate of security industry has decreased slightly in recent three years. In the subdivision field, the development trend of integration and the expansion of average system scale, as well as the rapid growth of BT and BLT mode projects, the growth rate of security engineering is greater than that of security products.
      Figure 1-1 scale and growth rate of China's security market from 2008 to 2018
      Figure 1-2 proportion of China's security market segments in 2012
      2. Overview of China's video surveillance market
      The market scale of video surveillance in 2012 increased by 22.1% compared with that in 2011, with a relatively balanced growth rate. Under the background of public security informatization and safe city construction, the scale of system integration and operation and maintenance is growing, and the growth rate of video monitoring project is higher than that of equipment. Video surveillance project is an important part of video surveillance market, and its growth trend tends to be consistent.
      Figure 1-3 China's video surveillance market size and growth rate from 2009 to 2018