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    1. Haolin updates the third generation autofocus machine

      According to the market demand, Haolin updated the third generation autofocus machine hl-758ff
      The function of the third generation autofocus machine hl-758ff remains unchanged, which is auto focusing + UV curing. Update the door opening mode of the equipment.
      The door opening mode of the first and second generation equipment is flip type, and the door is upward after opening, which is easy to collide with the door due to the operator's height or other operations,
      It will cause certain degree of harm to human body. Therefore, our company will upgrade and update the opening mode of warehouse door to push and pull the built-in side to open the door of equipment
      Hidden in the equipment, it can eliminate hidden dangers and avoid injury to operators. For details, please contact us by email.
      Contact person: Ms. Jiang 13480801023
      Mr. Zhan 13537755599
      Email: haolinauto@163.com
      website: www.liuzhouyeshi.com
      Address: 3rd floor, building 1, Zhipeng Industrial Park, Fuyuan 1st Road, Fuyong street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen